From Jondal Stål to Jondal Precision

Jondal Stål changed name to Jondal Precistion Industries. The new identity is a reflection of history and future ambitions.

Jondal Stål was started as a blacksmith workshop in 1938. We have always used combined craft and technology to shape metal into functional objects. We have been a collaborative partner and service provider for a wide range of clients within shipping, industy, offshore operations and the fish farming industry. As technology improves and industries change, our operation has evolved. Today we have full digital workflows, one of the most modern CNC workshops in our region, and very experienced, skilled staff.

The new logo


The new logo, the fjordic knot, consists of three interconnected parts. It is a representation of the three pillars in our philosophy: Great design, quality manufacturing and regular maintenance is the key to increase the life cycle value of any product. The logo is a 3d-dimensional object. We have actually prototyped the logo on our own CNC machines. 

The new name


We kept the Jondal name because Jondal is where we come from. This beautiful place along the Hardangerfjord is and important part of our pride and identity. We will continue to be a contributor to our local community. But we changed Stål (steel) with precision industries. There are two reasons for this: 
1. What we take pride in, is the precision we apply to metal, not the metal we apply it to. 
2. We work with way more materials than steel. Many of our clients use us because of our expertise within titanium and aluminium. 

As simple as that, really. 

The new website


Our new website is written in english. This is because we work in a globalized industry, and deliver world-class quality. We have tried to tell a clearer story about what we do, what we are capable of and how we optimize for quality in operations and deliveries. The process of rethinking our story have involved the full organisation. We are not only manufacturing company, but also a design & prototyping partner helping our clients optimize solutions for lasting qualities and efficient production. And we do maintanance, both onsite and in our facilities in Jondal. 

All photos on the website are authentic images from our facility, taken by the amazing local photographer Sverre Hjørnevik.  

A few photos to give you an impression of what we do: 


Published 24. Apr 2017

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