Quality standards and certifications

We constantly work to maximize quality and minimize the environmental footprint of our deliveries.

Jondal is situated by the Hardangerfjord in Norway. It is a local company, and our work with precison machining and manufacturing is important to the local community. The welfare and safety of our workers mean a lot to us. We reduce the climate footprint as well. We put a lot of effort into constantly improving the quality of the products we deliver to our clients. We put a lot of emphasis on the following:

  • International quality sertifications
  • Industry best practises
  • A safe working environment
  • Energy from carbon neutral hydropower. 
  • Smart and lean work processes
  • Transparency

All clients of Jondal Precision will experience friendly service and a culture of efficiency and flexibility. It you visit us, you can combine this with a an adventure to the famous Trolltunga or the Folgefonna glacier

Systems and certifications

Safety routines

Quality management

Digital workflow

Recycling system

Chemical waste handling

We are very concerned with protecting the unique local nature. We have strict handling of chemical waste according to best industry practices.

100% green energy

Jondal Precision is surrounded by mountains and glaciers. All electricity is generated by local hydropower.

Approved for interns

We are concerned with giving a new generation of workers skills and experienced. Our company is approved for internships, and also collaborate with students at colleges/universities.


ISO 9001

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