The finish is important. In collaboration with local partners we ensure coating and optimized the microstructure.

We give components and a proper finish, including grinding, acid wash and acid paint. Trough our proven subcontractor Odda Coating Technology we can offer all sorts of coating, painting and cleansing of any kind of surface. 

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Other capabilities

Modern machinery. High standards. Skilled staff. A lot of experience with aluminium, titan, steel and stainless steel.

Engineering & optimization

Engineering and design optimizing of for cost-effective machining, assembly and production.

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Design & prototyping

Design, construction and testing of mechanical prototypes in close collaboration with our clients.

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Precision machining

Several modern CNC centres and a wide range of other machines to work with aluminium, steel and titan.

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The skilled welders work with all forms of steel and alumium, with attention to detail.

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We make the parts fit, and can take complex constructions all the way to a finished delivery.

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